Most business owners spend more time than is necessary on the administrative tasks for their business.  Outsourcing these tasks will give you back valuable time, that can be spent connecting with your existing customers or acquiring new ones.  You choose the level of support your business requires and how often you need to work with me. Therefore, I’m as busy as you are!

Typically, clients purchase a retainer option to ensure my time is booked for them or a Support package.

Services include but are not limited to the following:
Administration Support
  • Creating manuals, workbooks, procedures, education/training material, checklists, customer surveys, questionnaires, forms etc.
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Data Entry
  • Minutes from meetings, diary management.
  • Reports/Spreadsheets

Some businesses require a few hours of virtual assistance for their general administration tasks each month, this option would be suitable. If you would like to know more about working with a Virtual Assistant check out this blog.

The tasks listed here are conducted at the hourly or retainer rate.  You can also include some of these tasks within a packaged service, these will be included in the total price of the package. Every business is different, you can choose the services you require for your business and I will create a custom package to suit your requirements.

Customer Service Support
The customer service requirements for your business may change regularly depending on your activity.  We will address any pain points you are experiencing with systems, processes or delivery.  I will use my experience to advise the best plan of action to ensure continuous improvement going forward and a workable plan to sustain high-quality standards of customer care in your business.

Customer Service support includes:

  • Customer Service Contact support
  • Complaint Management & Reporting
  • Logistics Complaint Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement recommendations
  • Product Quality complaints process and management
Webinar Support
If you are looking to create and host a webinar I work with you to analyse webinar platforms, build the pages and assist with the promotion of your webinar, as well as providing online support for your live webinar.  I have packages available for this service, depending on what level of support you require.

There are a lot of moving parts and a number of steps to consider, not to mention the technology.  I have listed most of the tasks on the Webinar Support page to help you understand the steps involved in setting up and hosting your own webinar.

Social Media Support
It’s no secret that Social Media plays an important role in helping to build your business profile, by increasing your brand visibility with consumer’s whose paths you never had the opportunity to cross before. Another benefit is the ability to connect directly with your clients/customers and generate leads by increasing your following of loyal fans.  You can also use your social media platforms as a marketing tool to communicate any special offers you are running to your followers, which in turn reduces your marketing expenditure.  Using social media allows you to monitor the latest news from your industry by following the industry leaders to keep on top of the latest trends.  There’s so much to be gained from using Social Media for your business.

See Social Media page for more information and Packages.

Online Course Creation
Email Marketing Support

Retainer Rates

Here are the options for my retainer rates.  Retainers are subject to availability.

Frequently asked questions

Can you support any business?
Yes, I can support any business that does not require me to be physically based at their office location.  I work virtually from my own office, all of our communication and tasks are carried out online.

Some business owners may not have office premises but still require assistance with their administration work, this is why most small business owners are moving towards outsourcing their admin.

The support I require is not on your website, can you still help me?
I do specialise in certain areas however, the services on my website are not set in stone, I have experience working with a variety of businesses from Corporates, Small Businesses, Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Gift Shops to Construction, it’s difficult to lay out all of the different scenarios for every business, as each one is unique and require various levels of support.

I am also a business owner and understand that no two businesses are the same, I am versatile and I am constantly updating my skills and learning new ones, this is one of the many benefits of hiring a VA!

If you think you could use the help of a Virtual Assistant, why not contact me today to discuss your business needs and see if I can help you.

I only need a few hours support per month, is that enough to justify hiring you?
Absolutely, many small businesses are in the same boat, this is why outsourcing your admin is such a great idea.

Virtual assistants usually have a number of clients they support, this is why they encourage you to have a retainer agreement, it means that your work is booked into their schedule each month. Most are flexible and happy to increase the hours if you have a particularly busy month coming up, providing you give them prior notice.

How do we communicate?
We have our initial discovery call via Skype or Zoom (or in person for local businesses).  We then start the onboarding process (contract, invoices etc) documents will arrive in your inbox.  When a start date is confirmed, we communicate by Skype, Zoom, phone, or email.

The level of communication varies depending on the work being carried out.  We will discuss this during our first meeting.

How do I pay?
For retainer and support packages, clients are required to pay before the work starts. Hourly assignments, will be invoiced upon completion.  If applicable, postage, professional printing and other stationery expenses purchased on behalf of the client’s business will be added to the invoice for reimbursement, together with the receipts.

Payments are made via Stripe/PayPal or bank transfer.

Invoicing and payments are discussed during the onboarding process and you will be provided with all of the information during our discovery call.

Do I have to purchase software?
Yes, if the task is specialised and if you do not have an account for the software required to complete the task (mainly Online Course Creation, Webinars, Email Service Provider and Client Mangement systems), you will need to purchase the software and create an account.

You can create free accounts for some platforms, but you may be required to upgrade to pro, depending on the tasks we are doing!  I can advise when I know the requirements.

How do we get started?
Head over to the Contact Me page to schedule a call and choose a date/time that best suits you to book a free 30 minute Skype/Zoom call with me, where we can discuss your business requirements.

You can also complete the proposal form or send a message via the contact me page if you would prefer to schedule a phone conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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