Hosting a webinar is a great way to showcase your products or services. It is very common for business owners to use this forum to connect with their potential customers.  Webinars have been proven to deliver great results.  However, creating and delivering a webinar is no easy task! There are 3 phases to hosting a live webinar.

There are 3 phases to hosting a live webinar.

  1. Planning Phase
  2. Launch Phase
  3. Post Webinar Phase

There are a lot of moving parts and a number of steps to consider, not to mention the technology.  I have listed most of the tasks here to help you understand the steps involved with setting up and hosting your own webinar.

  • Plan the webinar launch strategy – timelines and plan
  • Analyse webinar platforms to see which best suits you and your budget
  • Backend webinar set up and support – Registration/Sales page set up, replay pages, video hosting and recording
  • File organisation using Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Content creation (Powerpoint Slide Presentation) and Lead Magnets (e-books, checklists, workbooks)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Assisting with the promotion of your webinar using social media platforms
  • Email automation set up
  • Live support for your webinar
  • Webinar recording and basic editing
  • Replay set up
  • Webinar transcription

If you have not delivered a webinar before, you will also need to choose a platform to run your webinar and will require an email service provider to manage your campaigns if you don’t already have one, this is to follow-up with registrants and attendees.  A separate platform will host your pages for registration, a sales page (if applicable) and video hosting. I can advise you on suitable platforms and systems to help your webinar to run efficiently so that you can concentrate on delivering your message and serving your customers.

For experienced webinar hosts, I have designed a support package to include Live webinar moderation and facilitation of your Q&A section.  I will also record your webinar to ensure that you have a backup plan, should you experience any technical issues on your end.

Custom packages are available, every business has different requirements, I can put a custom proposal together to suit your needs. 
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