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It’s no secret that Social Media plays an important role in helping to build your business profile, by increasing your brand visibility with consumer’s whose paths you never had the opportunity to cross before. Another benefit is the ability to connect directly with your clients/customers and generate leads by increasing your following of loyal fans.  You can also use your social media platforms as a marketing tool to communicate any special offers you are running to your followers, which in turn reduces your marketing expenditure.  Using social media allows you to monitor the latest news from your industry by following the industry leaders to keep on top of the latest trends.  There’s so much to be gained from using Social Media for your business.

How I Can Help

Understandably, most business owners do not have the time to create graphics, schedule posts and interact with their followers, especially if your business doesn’t entail sitting at a desk or monitoring your phone.  This is where my social media packages can help.  I have put together Social Media packages especially for business owners like you who want to use Social Media, but don’t know where to start or simply do not have the time to manage it yourself.  Have a look at the packages that are listed below, if you feel you need a customised package to suit your business, contact me to discuss how we can make it work for you.

50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a Social Media newtwork!

Business Starter Package

This package does what it says, it is designed to get your business started on Social Media. The Start-Up package includes a Social Media strategy session, username and bio creation, as well as set up of your social media platforms (to incl. your logo/photo and header graphics).  I will create some start-up posts and graphics to help you on your way into the world of social media and will also provide you with some training guides, if you want to have a go yourself.

Social Media isn’t a one-off activity, you have to nurture your accounts as you would a young child (OK not quite, but you do need to look after them and keep it going).  People sometimes feel disheartened when they don’t get a ton of followers within the first few months.  Organic social media growth takes time and patience, you should be providing great content, valuable information and engaging with your followers to make it work.  You will start to see who the real experts are and how they engage with their followers (note – it’s not the ones who buy followers and automate every post – it’s also not the ones that follow everyone and then unfollow them just to get their numbers up either (short rant slipped in there).  Maintaining your social media accounts is where the time and effort comes in. I know you are busy minding your own business, so I have created maintenance packages that will ensure your accounts are looked after, while you are otherwise engaged.

Monthly Maintenance Package (Basic)

This is a monthly maintenance package designed to keep you going on social media with some graphics, scheduled posts and special offer posts, it will ensure that your business is interacting with followers who engage with you or send messages directly to your social media accounts.  This package is ideal if you want to create posts yourself on the fly but also have the reassurance of knowing that you have posts going to your social media if you are unavailable or travelling.

Monthly Maintenance Package (Pro)

This monthly package will ensure you are posting like a pro to your platforms, interacting on a weekly basis with your followers, replying to comments/questions and engaging as your business with your follower’s posts.  You will also receive a detailed report each month so that you can see how your social media efforts are measuring against your goals.  This is the package for you if you want to hand over the responsibility to someone else (that will be me) to manage your accounts on behalf of your business with minimal input from you unless required.

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