Online Business Support is a virtual based support professional who manages the day-to-day activities including the management of online projects.

Most successful business owners seek to hire someone to support their online business activities when they can no longer effectively manage all of the responsibility on their own.  They usually come to this decision when they become overwhelmed and realise they need help so that they can concentrate on growing their business instead of trying to do everything.

I run an online business and I know the amount of work required to make it successful and I completely understand the overwhelm that can happen. We’ve all had those sleepless nights worrying about everything you need to get done. You’re required to be a “Jack of all trades” and need to keep up with the latest technology/platforms and that in itself can be a full-time job!

I will put a custom online business support package together that will include a review of your current business activities, with a focus on your specific goals for your online business presence e.g. email list growth, business automation, passive income product creation.  We will review your requirements and work together to streamline your business with your current website, social media platforms while helping you to increase your revenue.  

Social Media Support

Email Marketing Support

Online Course Creation

ECommerce Support

Facebook Advertising

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