Kind Words and Praise for CC Shared Services

From some very kind clients, I have had the pleasure to support online and watch them grow.

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“Caroline was absolutely a game-changer for my webinar. She went above and beyond to catch errors, provide helpful suggestions, and provide everything I needed at exactly the right time. If you want excellent support for your webinar, book her! You will be beyond pleased with the results”

Erin Skinner


When looking for a VA you want someone who is professional and personable, Caroline from CC Shared Services is both and so much more!  Caroline assisted me with multiple webinars, she was prepared, focused, reliable and incredibly helpful.  She was available before, during and after the events, if you’re looking for someone to simplify and streamline your business and your workload then Caroline is a great fit”


Sole Serenity Therapy

“Caroline is exceptional at what she does.  She gives 100% and more when she supports you, her creativity and skills are endless.  I highly recommend her … oh and she is incredibly patient”


I had done webinars for about a year before ever hiring a VA to help me. Each webinar was so much work – to navigate the content, technology and the audience’s questions, comments. During that first year of webinars, I didn’t think that I could justify the expense of a VA, so I stumbled along on my own with low to moderate success.
I really wanted to up-level my webinar experience for my registrants, so I decided to try using a VA to help me improve the experience. I hired Caroline and I am thrilled that I did. She was exactly what I needed to significantly improve my webinars. She is an incredible support, not only during the webinar but throughout the whole process.
She offers a comprehensive service that ensures that I am prepared and focused – from proof-reading my slide deck, to triple checking login details, to assisting registrants. She is poised, calm, professional and generous. Her communication and organization of all the details is effective, clear, and concise. My confidence in doing webinars has significantly increased by having her be on my team. I know that my only job is to deliver my content. By working with Caroline, I am able to drop all the distracted worry about potential tech issues. I know that she has me covered and can troubleshoot anything that comes her way with swift and responsive action.
I will continue to hire Caroline for all my future webinars. In fact, I can’t imagine doing one without her, ever. She is an incredible VA who consistently over-delivers and is a pleasure to work with.

Katie Pulsifer

Certified Life Coach, Katie Pulsifer Coaching

“Caroline is a wonderful partner to have on my online course launch team! I like her willingness to do whatever it takes to complete the task and the way she takes initiative. I wish everyone I worked with was as ambitious as she is. More importantly, her genuine support makes all the difference. So very grateful for her talents!”

Kimberly Faith

Author & Keynote Speaker, KIMBERLYFAITH.COM

“I’m the first to admit it – I had my reservations about using a Virtual Administrator for my leadership development company – until I crossed paths with Caroline Collins at CC Shared Services.
Although we’re thousands of miles apart, Caroline quickly sensed and learned our business culture … to the point where I no longer sense a great distance between us. Her skills are second to none. She’s created a seamless foundation of all things, Black Sheep, and I consider her to be a part of the Black Sheep team!”

Jeff Black


Before working with Caroline, I struggled with how to manage all my tasks and how to complete them before I lost them. Caroline helped me to overcome these struggles with her effective use of systems and processes.

Thank goodness Caroline came along!! Not only does she keep in step with me AND she is able to stay one step ahead of me in our projects and timelines.

To be honest, there was a bit of hesitation about working with someone “overseas”….I’m in the USA (-6 hours time difference). Caroline quickly dispelled that concern by being very much accessible in my time-zone via skype, email, etc.

I highly recommend Caroline as a VA.

Joanne Angeli

Academic Coach, New Heart Coaching & Consulting

I worked with Caroline on my most recent webinar and she was a godsend. I can’t wait to work with her on every webinar I give going forward! She is responsive and on-point in all communications and her precision and request for clarifications in the set-up stage were invaluable. She thoroughly read and understood the pre-webinar docs I gave her; she was also excellent at self-initiating helpful ways to make the webinar attendees’ and the presenter’s experience as stress-free as possible. Caroline seems to have an intuitive understanding of what makes a great webinar and I felt truly supported by her at every stage of her involvement. Thanks so much, Caroline!

Isabel Spradlin

Yoga Instructor, Spradlin Bodyworks

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