WordPress Website Updates

If you are using a WordPress website for your business you will know that it requires regular updates of themes and plugins.  Hackers target websites that don’t update to the latest versions of Themes and Plugins and this makes your business vulnerable to attacks. If your site gets hacked you could get blacklisted by google if you have a vulnerable site and it can end up costing you a lot of money to get it fixed. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly update your website.

Theme developers keep on top of the latest threats and update their scripts accordingly and roll out the updates via WordPress.  For as little as $50/€45 per month, I can run monthly updates for your site and check for broken plugins/links/pages.

If you find that in addition to monthly updates, you want a little more support for your website such as uploading your latest blog post to your site or want to make some changes to your existing site, such as adding graphics, changing the text or including links to a page, this is something I can help you with.  Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements, I will then put together a custom package for basic website updates and monthly updates.

To Discuss Your Requirements

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