Most business owners spend more time than is necessary on the administrative tasks for their business.  Outsourcing these tasks will give you back valuable time, that can be spent connecting with your existing customers or acquiring new ones.  You choose the level of support your business requires and how often you need my support. Therefore, I’m as busy as you are!

Typically, clients hire me on a retainer to ensure my time is booked for them.  I can support one-time activities or provide support for your business during busy periods (seasonal) or project-by-project basis.  I will help you to stay on track and get organised and will spare you the worry of managing the admin side of things so that you can get on with your business.

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General Administration Services

  • Creating manuals, workbooks, procedures, education/training material, checklists, customer surveys, questionnaires, forms etc.
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Data Entry
  • Minutes from meetings, diary management.
  • Reports/Spreadsheets

Some businesses require a few hours of virtual assistance for their general administration tasks each month, this option would be suitable. If you would like to know more about working with a Virtual Assistant read this.  The tasks listed here are conducted under the hourly or retainer rate.  You can also include some of these tasks within a packaged service, these will be included in the total price of the package. Every business is different, you can choose the services you require for your business and I will create a custom package to suit your requirements.


If you are looking to create and host a webinar I work with you to analyse webinar platforms, build the pages and assist with the promotion of your webinar, as well as providing online support for your live webinar.  I have packages available for this service, depending on what level of support you require.


My Online Business Support package includes:  Social Media, Online Course Creation and Email Marketing Campaigns.

I write a proposal based on your specific requirements and we work together to streamline your business.


If you require Project Support or Customer Service I will work with you to outline your requirements and advise the best course of action.  We will create a plan that includes actions, deadlines and responsibilities to ensure we stay on track and communicate effectively throughout the project.

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