Have you ever wondered how a Virtual Assistant can help Coaches & Consultants to deliver their business objectives?  A VA can provide the support you need to help you with your online marketing strategy.

Here are 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant can support you:


1. Social Media Management For Your Coaching Business

Most Coaches & Consultants use a number of social media platforms to promote their services and to share helpful information with their followers.  However, social media management can eat away at your time because it requires daily interaction and updates.  A VA can help with this task by scheduling posts and interacting with your followers on your behalf.  Your VA will know your business as well as your clients/followers, so they can share great content for you.  If someone reaches out to you via social media your VA will be notified and can reply to the query quickly so that your followers feel supported.Social Media

2. Designing Your Forms/Templates/Opt-Ins

A large part of any coach or consultant’s work is to provide their clients with worksheets and templates that can be used to gather their thoughts be it goals/worries/personality types.  Your VA can design great looking templates with your branding.  You may also wish to use Lead Magnets as part of your marketing strategy, this is another task that a VA can help you with if graphics isn’t your thing!

3. Email Marketing For Coaches & Consultants

Email marketing is a very important activity for any business, not only does it help to keep your clients informed of the latest news from your business, it also provides great value teaching through drip fed content.  Your VA will help you to set up your sequences and segment your audiences to ensure they get the right information at the right time. This can be done in an Email Service Provider such as ConvertKit. They can create broadcasts if you have a one-off announcement to make regarding any offers or courses you have coming up.

4. Facebook Community Management

You may have a Facebook group for your community, this is where your VA can be a huge asset to your team.  As mentioned before, Social Media can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of members in the group.  Facebook groups are fantastic for providing great content and interacting with your followers, but it can also get quite busy in there.  Your VA will be on hand to reply to questions within the group, manage users and permissions, post content on your behalf.  This is extremely valuable if you spend time traveling or at meetings.  Remember, Facebook groups work best when they are interactive and provide value to your members.

5. Webinar Assistance

A number of coaches and consultants see the value in hosting webinars to reach a large audience with their content.  Webinars are great for connecting with global audiences that you would otherwise not have access to.  However, there are a lot of moving parts to a webinar.  Your VA will provide support during your webinar.  I know from experience that webinars with a large audience can get extremely busy in terms of questions/comments, this would be nearly impossible for one person to manage on their own and provide fantastic content at the same time without getting distracted.  To guarantee that your webinar will run smoothly, let your VA handle the questions and chat that goes on throughout the webinar, while you concentrate on delivering your valuable content without trying to do it all yourself.  It takes the stress and frustration away from the presenter and allows the audience to feel supported throughout!

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These are just some of the many services a Virtual Assistant can offer your coaching business.  Schedule a call to discuss how I can support you!


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